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Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland (KLAS), founded by the Kumon Institute of Education Ltd. in 1990, is a boarding school for about 100 boys and girls of high school age. In general, students enrol at KLAS with a view to studying here for three years, aiming to graduate with a diploma giving them access to universities in Japan and around the world. The school is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the educational authorities of the Swiss canton of Vaud, in which KLAS is located. KLAS is also a member of the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). 

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1990           KLAS opened in Leysin in temporary

accommodation of the Hotel du Soleil. 

1992           Accredited by the then Japanese Ministry of


The current KLAS campus opens with three buildings: two dorms and the main school building. 

1995           Ownership transferred to Kumon Gakuen

Educational Foundation.

2000           The fourth building, featuring further classrooms,

music rooms, and a hall opens. 

10th anniversary celebrated in Leysin. 

2005           15th anniversary celebrated in Tokyo. 

2007           Creation of the playground across the road.

2008           KLAS purchases Bel Abri (the fifth building) ,

a building across the road, to house college guidance offices, the library, a faculty family events room, and a fitness room. 

2010           20th anniversary celebrated in Leysin.

2015           25th anniversary celebrated in Tokyo.

Vision and values

Through small ESL classes taught by teachers with English as their native language and through the use of English in daily life around school, we promote a high level of skills in English communication.


As a multi-cultural school in the heart of Europe, we promote an international outlook through intercultural experiences and exchanges.


Through a discipline policy based upon “freedom and self-responsibility” and through dormitory life, we promote independence of thought and behavior.

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School Leadership & Educators

John Southworth


Ken Nishizuka

Vice Principal

Shigeyuki Iwabuchi

Head of College Guidance

   Nathan   Pugh

College Counsellor

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