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Typical Day

During term, the school day is designed to provide a balance between classroom instruction, after-school sports and recreational activities, meals, and independent study, when students are expected to do their homework. Time-management becomes an essential skill for students to learn, as they develop an increasingly busy schedule. 


This is how a typical day looks:

07:00-07:45    Breakfast                     16:00-17:30    Activities

08:00-08:50    Period A                      17:45-18:30    Dinner

08:55-09:45    Period B                      19:00-21:00    Study Hall

09:45-10:05    Break                           21:00-22:00    Free time in dorms 

10:05-10:55    Period C                      22:00-22:30    In-room time

11:00-11:50    Period D                      22:30              Lights out

11:50-12:45    Lunch                           22:30-00:00    Late lights for extra study

12:45-13:35    Period E                       00:00              Lights out for all

13:40-14:30    Period F

14:35-15:25    Period G                      No study hall on Fridays and Saturdays.


On Friday afternoons, there are no activities. Instead, there is a faculty meeting, student association meeting, and an assembly, which brings the school week to an official close. 

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