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KLAS is a boarding school, and dorm life is a key part of the students’ experience here. Boys and girls live in separate dorms with exactly the same facilities in both dorms: two recreation rooms (one for cooking), a laundry room and a Jacuzzi room. 


Students share a room with one, two or three roommates from the same grade. All rooms are equipped with an en-suite shower room, telephone, underfloor heating and wifi at designated times. Under students’ beds are a desk, cupboard and other storage areas. Communal living and shared space can be both fun and challenging. From the outset, students are taught the motto of a successful dorm life – “respect others”. This means that students should always think about others and be aware of others. 


Both dorms are managed by dorm heads, who also live in the dorm. During their time at KLAS, students quickly come to see their dorms as homes. In fact, after graduation, dorm life is one of the things that they miss the most. 


The KLAS cafeteria is, for many students, the beating heart of the school, where students sit and relax with their friends. Occasionally, students host themed nights such as mixing up the tables to increase communication between the boys and girls and between the grades. The cafeteria, as well as serving hot food, has a large salad bar with a wide selection of fruit, vegetables, cheeses and meats. Students are welcome to go up for seconds.

  •    Weekdays

On weekdays or days with classes or exams, students are served three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is often more than one menu at lunchtime. 

  •    Weekends

On weekends and in holidays when the dorms do not close, students tend to sleep in later, so there are two meals – brunch and dinner. 

  •    Banquets

A few times a year the school holds banquets – to welcome new students, to celebrate the approach of the Christmas, and to celebrate the end of the school year after the school awards ceremony. Students dress formally and gather as faculty families. Banquets are either buffet style, or students are seated and brought their food by servers.

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