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Activities & Clubs

There are many sports and cultural activities available to students. Some are seasonal and reflect the opportunities here in Leysin. 


Activities at KLAS are equivalent to a PE class. Students must do two sports activities a week, and the typical choice of year-round sports includes tennis, running, squash, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, hiking, badminton, yoga, and table tennis. Seasonal sports include beach volleyball, ice skating, rock climbing. 

In Term 4, instead of the sports above, students have two afternoons a week of skiing or snowboarding. They are instructed by qualified members of the Swiss Ski School. 


Clubs and Interest Groups

These are optional for students, and practices take place on weekends. There are both sports and cultural clubs and interest groups, and students are able to join several, but they need to be sure that they can manage their time well. These clubs and interest groups will often form teams that join tournaments against other international schools in Switzerland.

Private Lessons

In addition to the above, some students choose to pay for private lessons to further develop their own personal interests and hobbies, and those are held after school or on weekends. Common private lessons in recent years have been for the guitar, dance, ballet, and horseback riding. 

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