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The KLAS school year is divided into five terms, Terms 1 – 5, and unusually the school year starts in early July and ends in late May. Students are in residence for all five (except for those eligible 12th graders who do a Summer Abroad Program in Term 1). 


Here is a general outline of the school year. Please consult the school calendar for more details and for specific dates: 


School Year/Term 1 starts      early July                             Term 4 starts                           mid-January

Term 1 ends                            mid-August                         Term 4 ends                            late March
Short Summer Break              one week                            Spring Break                           about one week

Term 2 starts                           late August                          Term 5 starts                           early April
Term 2 ends                            mid-October                       European Culturals                late April

Senior Trip/Swiss Culturals    mid-October                       School Year/Term 5ends        late May          
Term 3 starts                           late October
Term 3 ends                            early December
Winter Break                          four weeks

Term 1

New and exchange students arrive in the summer term. On afternoons and weekends when classes are not in session, students enjoy a refreshing summer through sports, field trips, excursions, and more.

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Term 2 & 3

At the beginning of fall, all students come back from the exchange programs. While regular classes will continue until winter, there will be sports festivals and club competitions.

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Photo 3-3.jpeg

Term 4

Leysin has excellent sports opportunities in winter. All students take part in ski/ snowboard activities two full afternoons per week. There will also be Model United Nations,  International music festivals, and the open house.

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Term 5

The spring semester is short but busy. The musical that have been prepared since winter is in full production, followed by graduation- related events.

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