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It is our goal to give each student the best possible foundation for academic success in preparation for university studies. While meeting the requirements of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we have a program that allows students to develop skills in English and in French and Japanese. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of elective courses and some Advanced Placement courses available to meet students’ needs when considering their future paths and goals. 


In small classes, students develop their four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in a well-balanced manner, and capabilities for universities in English-speaking countries. Teachers are native English speakers and are trained in teaching methods for foreigners.

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Living at the foot of the Alps, many students renew their commitment to life, nature, and the global environment. In the classes, students study physics, chemistry, and biology with the aim of developing the ability to theoretically explain events that occur in the natural world.

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This subject will teach the fundamentals and applications of high school mathematics, as well as expose students to the foundations of modern European rational thinking.

Courses for U.S. university credit (AP Calculus) are also offered.

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Social Studies

Taking advantage of the school's location, we incorporate local history, geography, culture, and international affairs into our classes to promote a multifaceted understanding of social situations. In the upper grades, students may choose to take "Global Issues," an applied cours.


Students will learn how to use a variety of materials and techniques to express their imaginations. In this class, it is not about how well you do, but how you express yourself. In the senior year, students may also choose to take "AP Art & Design" for U.S. university credit.

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French & Japanese

School is located in a French-speaking region. Practical French is essential here. In addition, there are many Japanese students in the school, and learning Japanese opens up a new world for them.

These classes are designed to acquire practical communication skills, which will give them a head start in foreign language subjects after they enter university.

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