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Expand your possiblity

Through the English environment in their daily lives and the step-by-step curriculum, even students with no overseas experience will acquire advanced English skills that will enable them to study at universities in English speaking countries. The curriculum, in which general subjects such as art, IT, mathematics, and science are taught in English, allows for a rich variety of English activities and accelerates English learning at the same time as subject study. In addition, there are many events and assignments that require listening, speaking and writing skills, providing many opportunities for students to communicate in English. Meetings, communications, and notices are also conducted in English.

hope of becoming citizens of the world by learning to interact with young people from many backgrounds. When they graduate, we hope they have gained much more than expected. Being part of the KLAS community will help to give them strength of character, to teach them the importance of respecting others and of friendship, and to develop the maturity to make independent decisions with self-confidence

Global sens
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Global Awareness

Taking advantage of Switzerland's location in the heart of Europe, we nurture an international mindset through a variety of educational programs and direct exposure to different cultures.

Respect others

Respect Others

We will nurture students' maturity and social skills by guiding them with an emphasis on "freedom and self- responsibility" and taking advantage of the characteristics of a boarding school.

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As part of their regular physical education, students choose from a variety of activities, which take place at a nearby sports centers. Sports centers are also available for club and private use. In winter, skiing and snowboarding lessons are offered in English.

College Guidane

College Guidance

Our graduates go on to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, languages, international relations, law, economics, the arts, and many other fields. We do not merely prepare students for entrance admissions, but provide career advice for their dreams. For this reason, a full-time college guidance counsellor is assigned to each student from the very beginning.

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