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International Collaborations

KLAS students have numerous opportunities in which they can interact with students from other schools and countries. These include:


Summer Abroad Program


Students who qualify can attend a Summer Abroad Program (SAP), usually in the USA, but the UK is also an option. This enables students to earn college credits, take enrichment courses and experience campus life first-hand. 

Canadian Exchange Program


KLAS has two sister schools in or near Winnipeg, Canada, which participate in an exchange program most years. Some students come to Leysin to spend the first half of Term 1 at KLAS, taking classes here,  in the dorms, and experiencing both European and Japanese culture. 

In the second half of Term 1, the Canadian students return to Canada with their KLAS exchange partners, stayat their homes and enjoy the many cultural opportunities that the local area offers. 

Online High School Exchanges

Depending on individual contacts and connections of faculty, online exchanges and projects also take place with some schools around the world. These can be recurring or on a one-off basis. 

Music Festivals

Music is an extra-curricular activity at KLAS, and students who choose to, or who have passed an audition, have the opportunity to join international music festivals, usually organized by AMIS, the Association for Music in International Schools. At these events, there can be hundreds of students from around the world who come together to perform.

Interscholastic Team Sports

Throughout the year, KLAS participates in various sports leagues of international schools, enabling students to join competitions at home or away, as well as invitationals and friendly matches.

Model United Nations


Every year since 1998, KLAS has been represented at The Hague Model United Nations by a team of student delegates representing a country or organization. Students start preparing for this event from the spring to be ready for the conference in January. It is a challenging event, both in terms of the English and time required, but students learn many useful skills, such as debating and lobbying.

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