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The KLAS curriculum prepares students for university studies anywhere in the world. Around one quarter of a graduating class goes to non-Japanese universities, and many of those who go to Japanese universities actually continue to study in English. 


To guide them towards making the right choices, the KLAS college guidance department consists of a team of three faculty, with one of them focusing entirely on non-Japanese colleges. Throughout the year, guidance meetings, large and small, are held for students to keep up to date with the latest information and to check that they are on track. Graduates also give presentations, in person or online, about their experience of choosing a college and starting studies in higher education. 


Some non-Japanese universities include KLAS on their European tours, and students get the opportunity to speak to representatives in person. KLAS is also one of a few schools in Europe that hosts the ACT, a standardized test used for college applications in the United States. 


College Guidance Services for students


  • Consultations with students to discuss their choice of countries and the different academic systems in them, as well as the selection of schools and university courses, depending on the system. 

  • Supporting students in registering for, preparing for, and taking the ACT, and the SAT and SAT Subject Test throughout the academic year . 

  • Advice on standardized testing, including the ACT, the SAT, the IELTS, and the TOEFL. 

  • Identifying schools that are a good fit depending on the student’s interests, academic strengths, athletic skills, artistic talent, and other factors relevant to the student. 

  • Assistance and guidance in preparation of applications including personal statements, essays, mock interviews, and contact with university representatives. 

  • Counselor/teacher letters of recommendation that strongly support students’ candidature to appropriate universities. 

  • Advice on extracurricular and summer activities. 

  • Guidance on financial aid towards university in the United States, if requested. 

  • Maintaining relationships with universities and contacting representatives to support individual applications. 

  • Organization of KLAS college visits from university representatives in the US, Canada, the UK, continental Europe, and other countries. 

  •   “Best Fit” advice after conditional offers and acceptances in the spring. 


Information for Universities 


KLAS Visit Guide


School profile and College acceptances 

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