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A Message from our Principal

When the students left Leysin on December 9 in the middle of the night, the ground was still green and it was just starting to snow.

Surprisingly, students returned to similar conditions in the middle of the night on January 11. Despite significant snowfalls in the middle of December, there followed a period of rain and exceptionally mild days. In fact, 2023 started with spring-like temperatures in several countries across Europe, where national records for January warmth were broken. In Switzerland, a temperature of 20°C was recorded on January 1. Broadcasters around the world aired reports from across the Alps, showing various resorts in France, Switzerland and Austria looking as they should look in April, at the end of a ski season. One of those resorts featured was Leysin, completely green except for one narrow strip of white guiding the keen skiers and snowboarders that had gone up to the mountain back to the foot of the ski lifts.

Fortunately, we know that the weather at altitude can change quickly and, after Term 4 started, we had a period of snow and then the weather went to the other extreme compared to New Year, with temperatures remaining below zero both day and night. As a result, the snow that fell has not melted, and students are able to follow their winter sports program with great conditions.

As we start Term 4, the school is already considering plans for the end of this school year and for the next school year. Happily, these plans can move forward without Covid-19 concerns. For almost a year, Switzerland has had no Covid-related measures, and it is a relief that this winter has not presented us with any unexpected issues to deal with. Our MUN team was able to attend the conference in the Netherlands in person for the first time since 2020, and students are looking forward to various trips abroad in spring break and to the European Culturals in April. A schedule for graduation week has already been shared with 12th grade parents, whom we look forward to welcoming in Leysin, perhaps for the first time. Plans for SAP and Summer in Leysin are also moving forward. On top of that, we have already had our first orientation with next year’s tenth grade students, ensuring that the circle of KLAS life goes on.

The first month of the year is already drawing to a close, but I hope that parents enjoyed being reunited with their sons and daughters in winter break and that the time together was fruitful as regards discussions about future plans, courses and programs. May 2023 bring us all stability, happiness and good health.

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