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College Guidance Alumnus Presentation

KLAS was pleased to have Class of 2018 graduate present at our annual Non-Japanese College Guidance Alumnus Presentation on September 28. He studied Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology, graduated earlier this year, and is already employed in his field. How did he manage to do this so smoothly? Like most success stories, it started with a clear plan.

Grade 10

  • Think about what you like studying & join activities

  • Choose suitable Grade 11 courses

  • Use English as much as possible

  • Build positive relationships with teachers

Grade 11

  • Discuss a university plan with your parents

  • Choose suitable Grade 12 courses

  • Keep your GPA up. Improve your IELTS

  • Start meeting with the College Counsellor

Summer between 11 and 12

  • Join SAP program or visit university campuses

  • Discuss your plan with your parents

  • Complete college guidance summer homework

  • Use English as much as possible

Grade 12

  • Share your plan with the College Counsellor

  • Balance your time very carefully

  • Boost your GPA & use English IELTS

  • Start university applications in October

  • Keep discussing with your parents

During University

  • Work hard at your studies

  • Work part-time to develop US work experience

  • Do internships connected to your major

  • Graduate successfully

Start your dream job and dream life!

It is always amazing that any of our graduates take time out of their busy schedules to help us. I truly appreciate it and KLAS students learn so much. I thank him again, and good luck with him career in the IT industry in the USA.

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